You may think nothing more of a mobile number than a series of numbers to call in order to initiate contact with a person or a business. To some individuals and business owners, however, the ability to choose and buy VIP mobile number online is something beneficial as premium numbers set you apart from the sea of random numbers that network providers give out whenever applying for their service. A unique, VIP number or a premium mobile number is especially beneficial for businesses as they help make companies and brands become more memorable to customers and target audiences.

With a VIP number, you can string together unique groups or patterns of digits to make them look more interesting and therefore, make them easier to remember (e.g. 999,333,555, etc.). According to psychologists, the average human brain has the ability to remember up to seven pieces of information (i.e., numbers) without difficulty. However, modern mobile numbers have a lot more digits than this, including area codes. However, creating unique patterns that help make phone numbers easier to remember will allow your customers to take note of your business more easily. Helping them to remember who and what number to call should they require your services.

Other top reasons to buy VIP mobile number online include:

  • Obtaining a unique and personalised number combination
  • Making your number quick and simple for people to remember
  • Obtain consecutive numbers for easy memorisation within small companies or perhaps within the family
  • Secure a number for life
  • Be perceived as a VIP (certain numbers such as premium numbers represent an associated value)
  • Express symbolism through your personalised number combination; and
  • Keep a unique number that means something to you and your loved ones or perhaps has a special meaning to your business.