Fancy or VIP phone numbers are quite popular in India and in the rest of the world as well. It is now possible for all to have a phone number of their choice. Some people wish to include their lucky numbers in their phone number, while others do so that the numbers can match their personality. One can also add the more convenient digits into the number so that it becomes memorable. Getting fancy numbers is also more fashionable and sets you apart from the crowd.

Search the web

Most of the fancy number provider services operate online and have a website through which customers can contact them and place the request of having a fancy or VIP number for themselves. You can search the web through your handheld devices as well, which would be even more effortless.

Compare the quotes

You can contact the websites that you have shortlisted through your website. Ask them to provide you with the price in which they will provide you with a fancy number you desire. You can easily make a more affordable choice by doing some efforts and by spending some time for the sake.

Do not forget to see the reviews

You can see the reviews of the fancy number providers on online web forums easily. This will help you come to a conclusion as to which service you should choose. Choose one that has number of positive reviews on reputed web forums.


If you want to get suggestions regarding what number would suit your business or personality, the fancy mobile numbers provider can help you in this regard as well. They have good exposure and can provide you with an attractive number for your business also.

Fancy mobile numbers can also be chosen and availed for business websites and concerns, as said earlier. These numbers make your contact info more attractive and bring you a larger client base. Do not forget to know what the activation time for the number would be, as you would like to get the number as earliest as possible.